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We are known to skilfully handle all kinds of appliance repair within this state. Here is a list of the many repair services offered by us.

The many appliances that we have in our home play a crucial role in our lives and as one of the leading appliance repair companies, A & R Appliance Repair Inc. understands that there would never be a suitable time to have appliance repair issues. The best we can do is offer prompt and quality appliance repair service to the numerous clients that we cater for.

We assure you, that our service will be impeccable and would be done promptly so that you don’t have to stay without your useful appliances for a longer time than is necessary. Having knowledgeable, experienced and trained staff, we can give you guarantee of the unmatched service that you are going to get.

No matter what the appliance or how big or how small the appliance or its repair job is, we deal with every task in the same professional manner. We offer a lot of services to our esteemed clients; find out from below which category you fit in.

Home Appliance Repair

Our homes are filled with numerous and diverse appliances; but there isn’t a job that are skilled technicians cannot handle. Whether it is your toaster, oven, geyser, refrigerator or even your washer, have our team member go through the problem to give you a free estimate on the job.

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Commercial Appliance Repair

Appliances are not only used within the home, but also commercially. In fact many businesses depend upon these very appliances for their existence; for example owning a restaurant or fine butchery shop. And we, at A & R Appliance Repair Inc. understand that which is why we take a lot of care in the service that we provide. We can make your appliances running in no time.

Appliance Parts and Their Maintenance

All kinds of appliances are made up of parts and pieces. If your appliance is not broken, yet you need certain parts to be replaced, then don’t think twice before calling us. Simply dial 559-248-1222.


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