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Get answers to important questions regarding appliance repair in this article.

Q. Do you fix small appliances like toasters and coffee makers too?

A. Yes, our technicians are capable of handling all kinds of home appliances. They are professionally trained in all types of appliance repair. Whether it is a small appliance like a toaster or a heavy one like a washer or dryer, our technicians have both skill and experience to handle all kinds of jobs.

Q. Do you offer services only in Bakersfield or surrounding areas as well?

A. A & R Appliance Repair Inc. is a leading appliance repair firm in the state of California. We have both city and state license to operate within the city of Bakersfield and in the surrounding areas as well. Over the years, we have built up a strong customer service center and we cater for clients in most parts of California. We have a large team of technicians that are available around the clock.

Q. Do you offer in-house repair or do you take the appliance for workshop?

A. It usually depends upon the type of appliance repair that is required. If it is only regular maintenance and clean up, then we offer our in-house services. In fact for a small appliance repair job or for a replacement of a part, we don’t need to take the appliance back to our workshop; we usually have the required tools available in our van.

Q. Do you offer regular maintenance and cleanup services besides appliance repair?

A. Yes, we offer maintenance services besides appliance repair services. Although our technicians are well-trained in fixing any kind of home and office appliance, they also readily offer their services to guide the clients about the maintenance and up keep of the various essential appliances used in the home.

Q. Can you handle appliances of bigger brands as well?

A. The technicians we have on board are highly qualified and are factory certified from many of the famous brands; therefore you do not need to worry about entrusting your appliances with any one of them.


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