A&R Appliances

If you would like us to come take a look at your appliance problem, please click  the button below to set up an appointment. An operator will call you to confirm your appointment and A&R Appliance will quickly dispatch a technician to your location.


A&R Appliances provides factory trained and authorized repair services for all major household appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, stoves, ovens, cooktops and ranges. If you have a home, manufacturer, or extended warranty, or even no warranty at all, contact us for your appliance repair needs.

In addition to a full range of repair services, A&R also provides the following services for different appliances:

Refrigerator Repair

  • Cleaning the Condenser
  • Cleaning the drain line
  • Cleaning the drip pan
  • Manually defrosting ice build ups
  • Replacing air damper seals
  • Adjustment or replacement of door or door gaskets

    Washer Repair

    • Upgrading rubber hose to stainless steel
    • Cleaning the pump
    • Lubricating the motor

      Dryer Repair

      • Removal of build ups of lint
      • Lubrication of motor
      • Replacement of vent line

        Dishwasher Repair

        • Cleaning the pump screen
        • Cleaning the spray arms
        • Replacing water valve screens
        • Maytag Dishwasher recall

          Oven Repair

          • Calibrating temperature
          • Cleaning inner door glass
          • Cleaning of the burners

            Cooktop Repair

            • Lubrication valves
            • Cleaning of the burners
            • Adjustment of switches and wiring

              About Us

              With friendly customer service, and highly competent technicians, A&R Appliances can address your every appliance problem, whether that involves your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, ice maker, oven, refrigerator or stove top. Our company is trained to repair all the best leading manufacturers, with performance levels always meeting or exceeding the highest standards. Our technicians get the job done right the first time, and they arrive at your home with all the necessary parts on hand. With a high number of parts always in stock, clients can rest assured technicians are prepared, with no annoying wait times to order components. Our company also honors all warranties for your peace of mind.


              An expert in the repair industry for small and large appliances, this trusted appliance replacement and repair company is the top choice in the area for quick, efficient, affordable services. Daily life centers around household appliances, so when one breaks down, it can present a whole host of problems for the homeowner. Hiring a reputable appliance repair and service company is crucial. Here are some FAQs that may help

              What kinds of appliances do you repair, replace, maintain and install?

              Experienced technicians have experience repairing all kinds of appliances, from large to small, such as freezers, refrigerators, dryers, ovens, stoves, microwaves, washers, dishwashers, ranges and trash compactors

              How do I choose a reputable company?

              Look for a company with many years of experience in appliance service and repair. Check to ensure the company is full licensed and insured. Check out customer reviews and references and make sure the company has a good standing in the community. The Better Business Bureau is an ideal place to start

              What should I do when my appliance breaks?

              When your appliance suddenly stops working and you can’t understand why, unplug it right away. You may even want to switch off the main power circuit to be safe. Wipe up any leakage that may have occurred, such as with a fridge or washing machine but turn it off before doing that. It’s important to get the issue addressed right away so call a qualified appliance repair technician who can get out there immediately and address the situation. Time is of the essence, especially in cases of fridges where food may spoil quickly

              How do I know the repair technician I choose is reputable?

              Any technician you hire should be able to boast the proper licenses and insurance, but in addition to that, you want someone who will show up on time when they say they will, have the necessary parts on hand to minimize wait time, perform the job quickly and efficiently and leave your home neat and tidy. Look for someone who respects your time and will act with integrity and timeliness. Check out reviews on the company and get word of mouth recommendations to ensure you’re hiring someone who’s highly regarded in the community. Look for a company that offers a good warranty on quality parts and appliances

              How do I know when is a good time to have my appliance fixed?

              When you realize there is a malfunction, call a certified technician immediately. If you suspect there may be a problem, such as an appliance not working as it should, with diminished performance, it could need maintenance. You don’t have to wait until your appliance breaks before calling a repair company. It’s always best to get it checked out if you think there may be a problem, to avoid costly repairs and replacement down the road.


              “Skilled friendly technician. Very prompt and professional. Quality service from beginning to end.” – Nick N.

              “My experience with A & R appliances was excellent, very professional and very down-to-earth” – Tim M.